2004 All Star Teams

Tryouts For the 2004 All Stars Teams for both the YDA and Top Dawg Challenge will begin on 9-28-03 at the do-it-all and end on 2-8-04 at the Winter trophy presentation.

Tryouts for both events will cost $1.00 and consist of 15 turns for a total of 45 darts.

Quality Points - top male and female from each division will qualify (based on entire 2003 season) = 3 men and 3 women.
Tryout leaders will qualify for YDA and Top Dawg Challenge.

YDA Challenge will consist of top 9 men and top 3 women scores.Quality point leaders DO NOT earn automatic spot on the YDA team, ALL players must tryout.

Top Dawg team will consist of quality point winners and top 17 male and top 7 female scores. If enough money is raised, shirts will be provided for Top Dawg Challenge. Top Dawg is the weekend of March 19, 2004. You must be a member to tryout and have 2004 membership to compete in the Allstars.

Any person wishing to volunteer for 2004 Allstars, please contact David Feldpusch at 330-830-6664 or 330-705-6517.

We would like to thank Dan Simmons of Balance Point Darts for being a sponsor of the 2004 Allstars Teams.

This years Top Dawg Team.

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